The Underground series 2003-06

The Underground series are scale models of existing domestic buildings that conceal complex underground architecture. The models reveal the underground structures as if the earth surrounding them has been removed. Built as military installations or for personal survival, each model shows a conventional and reassuring suburban façade behind which huge secret spaces are hidden. Stemming from the paranoia of the cold war period and now reflected in our current personal and political obsessions with terror and security; these structures below the surface are imposing and concrete manifestations of fear in the face of an unquantifiable and intangible threat.

The Snyder House, 2006, is a model of a 4-story nuclear bunker created over a 14-year period by Kenley Snyder under his own house in Blaine, Washington, USA. Originally begun as a project to protect his family from the effects of a feared nuclear attack his obsession led him to excavate deeper and deeper below the surface.